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Now this one’s two-and-a-half years old, but I just came across it. And it’s damn cool! An articulated sculpture of a cheetah, making all the steampunk parts of me happy.

SQUEE! And I don’t squee. But, SQUEE!!

Apple had a legal victory against HTC in the ongoing Apple vs. Android battle. And that made them look really, really bad. Is this the beginning of the end? I sure like to think so!

More as a memo to myself, but still handy to everyone.


Futuristic City Concept

I have been reading a lot of various scientific sources, and it is making me aware that the world may well be teetering on a major changeover in terms of the technology that surrounds us.

And technology is everywhere. I like to think I’ve watched it since the inception, from the point where computers were infrequent to now, where computers and computing devices are ubiquotous. It has not taken long, but we have had witnessed the rise of social media. It’s a big change already, and I’m only now catching up. Not very well, either.

But as I mentioned, I suspect that the world may be gearing up for another lifestyle change. This time, we have a trio of technologies, and I’d like to mention them to you.

Robotics are really gearing up. Just within this year we have gone from primitive boxes to humanoid-shaped interactive robots. At the same time, the neuron/circuit gap is about to be bridged (or may already have been). Robots will soon be surrounding us - from dishes to grocery to taking care of the elderly and children and pets.

QBo, a robot with programmed awareness

Then, we have carbon nanotubes. It appears to be the biggest result of the huge research into nanotechnology, which has yielded an endless stream of fascinating and mind boggling stuff. But carbon nanotubes, they are cheating. Seriously. They are magic. They, more often than not, let their makers circumvent what we’ve come to think of as physical rules of the world around us. They will be everywhere, and soon.

Carbon nanotubes

And lastly, we have quantum computers. I’m talking Quantum Entanglement which… eh… wiki.

Quantum Entanglement - artist's depiction

This is one of the symbolic “Future Technologies” that sci fi has embraced, and it is already real. Still primitive and niche, but it will come. From what I gather, quantum computers will get around many limitations that the current computers have (see: analog media, binary). I don’t even know what that will result in, but it’s already real and being made on microchips.

There is so much more going on. Dozens, or even hundreds, events - big and small - are occuring daily. There is an unprecedented technological progress happening right about now - but it’s a quiet one, in most cases. We will be landing on asteroids and planets, soon. We will be exploring the interstellar space. We will break the higgs boson mystery.

Robots, advanced physics, quantum computers and carbon nanotubes everything. This will happen, and it will happen soon. It will change the world. If you doubt it, just spend some time and watch the kids that are growing up now. They are growing in an interconnected world of social media and information availability, and the differences in how they think and act are startling.

I hope this was helpful, by the way. If you would like me to, I can dig up a lot of the information I have mentioned for your perusal.

The world will change. Will you grow with it? With the environmental hodgepodge, and societal upheaval… what kind of world will it be? Can we even predict?

If in doubt, take inspiration from a Michael Bay movie! FIRE BIG METAL STICKS AT IT!

It’s a round mouse. When the juice gets low, stand up and practice your smooth moves. Man, I need to get one of those for the office, to impress the coworkers!

Damn, internet perverts could use a lesson or two from some of those!

Check out this guy’s projects. Just wow!

This is mostly for myself. I’ve been wondering how chords work. This kinda makes sense….

I find the warm up and tuning of an orchestra, or any musical entity, to be awe inspiring. If the universe’s creation had a sound, I like to think it sounded something like this.

Another good one is at

The Friendship Machine!

" I enjoy this novel simply because it uses the widest variety of ridiculous euphemisms I’ve ever come across in a Victorian novel (and that’s saying a good deal, since Victorians were often quite fond of euphemisms)."

Need I say more?